My Faith

Here’s a gist about me and my faith. 🙂

I wasn’t a Christian by birth but I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ way back 2009. Like most Christians, I came to know God at the lowest point of my life. His grace changed me. When I gave my life to Him, I learned that it was no bed of roses. There still has been a lot of challenges, a lot of bumps here and there, but at the end of the day, I always go back to the fact that I am God’s masterpiece and even as today He is still working on me, changing me, shaping me.

Through my relationship with him, I knew my true identity. I have learned that I am His daughter, He is sovereign over my life and He will always work out for my good no matter what. It gives me great joy, knowing that God is the author of my life and He continues to write new chapters in my book.

In my life, I have learned a lot of things. God allowed me to discover the wonderful works that he created for me to enjoy.  Right now, I am enjoying life, serving God every way I can and just enjoy my journey with Him.

My God is faithful, He is strong, He is wonderful. He is my Lord.





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