True Love, Jesus is Love.


You see, God never calculated my sins and only gave what I deserve. I know I never deserved love from Him, for I am a sinner. But still He died for me telling me, this is my worth. I am worth His life. He made me understand His love so I can truly love myself and truly love others. This is the God that I’m serving. He loves me this much.

-Romans 5:8 reflections

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The Complete Guide to Calories


We all know that calories play a big part in the fitness – and not just in losing, gaining or maintaining your weight. It can be a delicate balance; both too much and too little can cause your body to hang on to extra fat (your body can only burn off so much – but at the same time, too few will send you into “starvation mode.”)

I came across this great overview, and wanted to pass it along:


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